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Rules for the Charleston Cycling Classic

Every race has to have rules, or chaos wins the overall. We don't want chaos to win. As a USA Cycling sanctioned event, we will follow USAC rules for all three events. With that said, let's start with a link to the appropriate section of the USAC rulebook: Road Races


Each cyclist, regardless of racing category, will be recorded for time in each of the three events. The general classification winner will be decided based on cumulative time from the three events.

The criterium will be contested with a preset number of laps, and all cyclists must complete the prescribed distance in order to register their time for the event. There will be a free lap rule in effect for riders in the main pack who have a mechanical or crash, but it cannot be used after 4 laps to go. The criterium will feature mid-race time bonuses, because crits need more excitement.

There will be a team competition within each race field. Prizes will be awarded at the end of three events for the cumulative time of the top three riders of each team (top three riders on overall time, not the top three in each event).


During the time trial, cyclists may ride a time trial bike or a road bike with or without clip-on aero bars. During the crit and the road race, there will be NO TT bikes or aero bars of any kind.


Cyclists may wear short- or long-sleeve jerseys, but sleeveless jerseys will be prohibited. Race numbers will be worn on the cyclists' left side for Saturday, and on the right side for Sunday.

Charleston Cycling Classic
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